Ready to Focus Your Message, Offers and Audience?

Whether you’ve been coaching or in private practice for awhile, and you’re ready to contribute more powerfully to your family’s finances, or you’re brand new and ready to turn your education and training into a real business, it all starts with focus.

Most coaches and practitioners fail because of lack of focus and lack of focused marketing. First things first, time to focus, as your focus informs the kind of marketing you’ll choose.

I offer a highly personalized coaching program on How to Focus Your Message, Offer and Audience in 10 Weeks or Less.

I help you put together or update your website, your programs, your marketing copy, get crystal clear about your message and your ideal clients and all the essentials to help you go big, by building small, the boutique business model way.

The best way for you to decide if this approach makes sense to you, is to watch my webinar on the Why Small is the New Big: The 5 Focus Shifts to Creating the Money, Time and Satisfaction You Want in About 25 Hours a Week as a Coach or Practitioner.

At the end of this webinar, if what I share makes sense to you, you’ll be invited to apply for a free coaching session on your message and business model.