Me. Solopreneur Mentor. Boutique Marketing Company Owner and Work for Yourself Wiz.

You. Creative, Ambitious, Juicy Woman with Something to Say.

Bring it.

My Philosophy

 I don’t care whether you want to build an empire, make 16K a month or create a huge impact and following.

What’s the point of hyper focusing on that if the rest of your life suffers and you exhaust yourself on the way to 6 or 7 figures.

I care about growing your biz through the lens of honoring your lifestyle preferences, your family and feeling like WOMAN.

THAT interests me.

This integration of all that YOU are in your approach to your biz is where I like to coach from.

Business alone without this lens, feels very limited to me.

And I think it literally dries a woman up.

Her soul, her juiciness, her turn on, her relationships, her pleasure.

There’s a better way.

How I Mentor

I have conversations with a how-to twist. With you. 

Sometimes it’s straight up marketing wisdom. Sometimes it’s about how you’re relating to your biz. If it affects your biz. We talk about it.

Your schedule. Your boundaries. Your marketing. Your time management. Your family. Your focus. Your copy. Your pricing. Your team. Your appearance. Your money. Your clients. Your brand. Your colleagues. Your womanhood. Your fears.

I get to know you. 

Yep. Good ol’ fashioned personalized attention. My programs are intimately, right sized. Including being available for select private coaching.

I believe in a bio-individual approach to business building. 

I show you how to stop dieting on soulless marketing plans that somewhat work for you.

Instead, we look at your natural strengths, personality, style, time that you have to devote to the biz, and so on and let that inform what kind of marketing you will do.

Just like nutrition, what works for one person, may not work for you.

This is not the place for you if you just want to be fed a formula.

I teach you how to fish, instead of giving you a fish. 

I train you to think for yourself by sharing rock-solid business concepts that ground and focus your ideas, that you can turn to again and again in your career.

You like?

If so, let’s talk.

Not ready for private coaching? That’s cool. Check out the my courses here, and my Business Your Way Studio here.