You really don’t need a big business in order to have it all as a coach or holistic practitioner, especially if you have a family life.

And by have it all I mean, make great money, do great work, and be truly happy, satisfied and have the time to live how you want.

I’ll prove it to you with a case study and real-life examples from my own happy little practice that does what it’s suppose to do: make a difference, make a great income and makes me, and my family and my clients happy.

Grab a pen, paper and a mug of something delicious to watch this free, educational webinar I created (You’ll need an hour of focus). Here’s the link

Here’s some of what I cover:

– How doing small the right way can get you everything you want – the time, satisfaction and income

– The 3 essential areas of your business you’ll need to focus in order to make a small practice really work (and how to do it)

– The right way to structure your services so you can charge more, attract highly committed clients and take time off without losing money

– How your message and audience must be focused

– How you can work around school hours, take regular vacations and have time for great self-care

– Why you don’t need a lot of marketing to make this work (AT ALL!)

– How this will make you, your clients AND your family happier than ever (isn’t that the point?)

And lots more.

If this speaks to you, I promise this will be a breath of fresh air.

Here’s the link again to register.