For Higher Education

If you represent higher education or an organization that trains, teaches, certifies or promotes high-quality products or services to coaches and practitioners, I may be able to help!

I’ve been designing, creating and leading private practice building courses, programs, webinars, teleclasses and more for over 15 years, exclusively for solo professionals in the field of personal development, wellness, holistic health and life transformation.

I’m available for select partnerships such as…

  • Marketing trainings, mentoring and holistic business building
  • Curriculum design and course creation & consulting for your students and graduates on holistic business building
  • Topic specific trainings, seminars, keynotes, webinars, video trainings, film and more
  • Select marketing support with your existing or new projects to expand your reach
  • Custom designed retainer projects
  • Guest speaking engagements at special events and conferences (online and in-person)
  • And more.

To learn more about my experience, Visit this speaker information page.

To request samples of my trainings I’ve done for other organizations, and to see if we’re a fit, please contact me directly and let’s talk.