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If you’re ready to…

– start making business growing decisions from a peaceful and plentiful state of mind

– create work-life harmony that is streamlined and compliments your family life

– embrace a marketing approach that honors a “less, but better” approach

– and you’re ready, willing and able to get going now

Then we should talk!

In addition to getting to know each other, and taking the time to thoroughly understand what you’ve been working on and more, I’ll also help you breakthrough at least ONE key area of your business, usually in your message, audience or services.

If you like what I share with you, and it makes sense, I’ll outline a way to put your ONE best idea together and turn everything around in about 10 weeks.

My request is that you’ve taken the time to watch my webinar which explains how I work and what I teach my clients. It will quickly clarify if we’re on the same page. Here’s the link

Normally, I charge about $500 for an hour of my time. It’s absolutely free (for now) for qualified applicants.

Sound good?

Just click on the following link to complete the application and you’ll receive access to my online calendar to choose a time that works for you. I’ll confirm our appointment within 24 business hours. (Openings usually within 1-2 weeks and up to 8 weeks in advance.)

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Why an application?

While I enjoy meeting new people, I have a limited amount of free sessions to offer each week.

I try reserve these sessions for serious inquires only.

Preference will be given to those who have a client base, or have worked with at least a dozen paying clients, and on some occasions, those that are brand new in business but are leveraging success in another career.

Who is my coaching best for?

1) You’re somewhat successful, you have an existing client base and you’re ready for some part of your business to be different.

70% of my clients are moms in coaching, consulting and holistic practice who must make a good living during school hours (about 25 hours a week), or they have to get a job.

30% of my clients are head of the household women who mother in other ways.

Nearly all of my clients have, quite remarkably, been able to build a little business with little to no marketing.

Things have changed and for a variety of reasons, they’re ready to go beyond word-of-mouth and waiting on referrals.

Or they’ve already been very successful in another career, and they are ready to start a new business, but don’t want to waste time figuring everything out on their own.

2) It’s also for people who have done their homework.

You have taken the time to look through my webinar, my website, my testimonials and already have a hunch what might work best for you.

You resonate with my approach and have an idea(s) where you want to go.

3) Your personal foundation is stable enough for our work to take root.

Your personal foundation includes things like your ability to focus, get stuff done, and generally have your stuff together.

I’m not talking about being perfect. Just good enough together. (That’s all you need!)

If you’re in the middle of a divorce, moving or getting married it’s usually best for that to settle before you and I work privately.

4) You fit my ideal client profile in other fun and quirky ways too, such as… 

You’re a “get er done” type of person, as we say in the North Country. You do not need to be poked or prodded to get your stuff done.

You have at least 20 hours per week to devote to your business.

You’re crystal clear this is your career and you treat your business or practice as such.

You’re ready to have a deep, personal relationship with your business coach.

You’re easy to laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously.

You like candid advice, soulful straight-talk and keeping it real.

You’re open, open and more open!

You’re absolutely willing to market your services. No convincing needed.

You’re into talking about energy, womanhood and what it’s like to stay feminine and juicy in business.

You value investing in yourself. In fact, you probably do it all the time in a variety of different ways.

You view your relationship with your mentor(s) as sacred time for yourself.

You want a sense of pleasure AND plenty in your business.

These are the common characteristics of my best clients and who I do my best work with. If this sounds like you, please get in touch.

All Other Inquiries

The best way to reach me is via email. This saves us tons of phone tag!

Please do not email me via Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. I won’t receive it.

Please email me here. 

Snail Mail:

Karin Witzig Rozell
Granville, NY 12832, USA

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